Carrier employee: Trump is 'my hero' after saving jobs

On Thursday, Trump visited the Carrier site in Indianapolis, addressing a crowd of still-employed workers, and referencing Cornett specifically.

“Because of him,” said Trump, referencing a video of Cornett he’d consumed via an un-named news source.

While he wasn’t in the room during Trump’s speech, Cornett was in front of a microphone and camera and speaking to Brooke Baldwin less than an hour later.

During the presidential campaign, Trump promised Cornett and his co-workers that Carrier jobs would remain stateside, despite news that they’d soon be shipped to Mexico. Trump said that promise was meant to be of a broader nature, but Cornett was nonetheless fully aboard “Team Trump.”

“I believed him 100%. That’s why I voted for him,” he told Baldwin during “CNN Newsroom.” “This was … a promise that he was going to make us and I believed in it.”

Carrier victory bolsters Trump's economic chops

Months after the promise, and now with Trump set to assume duties in the country’s highest office, Cornett is as convinced as ever. And though he hadn’t yet had a chance to meet the President-elect, he knows what he’ll say if he does.

“I would just say ‘thank you for keeping your promise,’ ” he told Baldwin. ” ‘I believe in you, and today you’re my hero.’ “

During his victory lap in Indiana, Trump made a point to refer to Cornett as “handsome,” in the process praising his mother, who was in attendance during the speech.

Pleased to learn of the compliment, Baldwin’s live guest left viewers with one final message to anyone doubting Trump’s abilities to make good on his campaign promises.

“I’d tell them … not to doubt ‘the Donald,’ you know? He did it once, he can probably do it again.”