Commentary: Commonsense is better than intellectual debate to discuss Grenada's heritage

Commentary: Commonsense is better than intellectual debate to discuss Grenada's heritage

By Hudson George

I personally believe that commonsense debate is better than intellectual debate to solve Grenada’s social and political problems. Unfortunately, some Grenadians are relying on intellectuals to find the solutions, rather than using their commonsense.

Hudson George has a BA in Social Science from York University, Toronto, Canada. He has been writing since his early teenage years and now contributes letters and articles to a number of Caribbean newspapers

However, I think that they are putting their confidence in a wrong group of people for the answers because, basically, the intellectual class is similar to the bourgeoisie class. They both see themselves as superior to the ordinary people. Therefore, they will never have our interest at heart.

Just recently the Grenada Heritage Committee made a big blunder, when they decided to go to River Antoine Estate in St Patrick parish to portray the days of slavery as a means of planning to promote tourism in the outer parishes. And even though a section of the Grenadian population opposed the decision to host such a backward and degrading show in the name of history and cultural heritage, the vocal ones still believe that they were doing the right thing, as they really believe that slavery is part of our heritage.

So it is blatantly clear for all Grenadians to see that some of our educated folks are not thinkers, even though they are educated to hold top job positions in highly important institutions. One of the reasons why the Heritage Committee members are so stubborn is because they see themselves as qualified educated persons, doing their job to the best of their ability and nobody is entitled to oppose their decisions. Unfortunately, because they are educated, they think that whatever decision they make is correct and citizens must accept it.

On the other hand, I personally think that the members of the Heritage Committee are ignorant, because it appears as though they were not exposed to rural roots culture during their youthful years. They do not understand sensitive issues that affect people from a human perspective. They totally believe that the good grades that they got in classroom exams make them know it all, and the less educated folks do not know anything. Therefore, they lack commonsense.

In addition, there are other examples to show that they lack commonsense. For example, if they were using their commonsense rather than trying to intellectualize the methods to enhance rural tourism, they would focus more on the cultural heritage of St Patrick parish in terms of traditional music, dance, costumes, storytelling and other forms of spoken words within the community as the main resources to use for entertainment, in order to promote attraction for the development of rural tourist industry.

We all know it is a fact that, in terms of the culture and entertainment in Grenada, there are some educated folks working in the ministry of culture, who do not know anything about the Grenada’s culture. Unfortunately, they always find themselves occupying the wrong position as employees because culture is something that is popular and it puts them in the spotlight as decision makers.

Additionally, I must say that I have read those articles from different writers who wrote about the Heritage Committee decisions to host the event on the issue of slavery as part of our heritage. However, in spite of the fact that the writers do not share the same opinion on the issue, as some of them opposed the Heritage Committee decisions, while others supported the action, I think that they all use their intellectual skills to make their argument. However, none of them took the commonsense approach as the main solution to solve the problem.

I personally believe that commonsense approach is the best way for us Grenadians to use as a means of getting rid of the Heritage Committee members. I believe that all Grenadians who are using their commonsense skills to solve the issue must tell the members of the Grenada Heritage Committee to resign and take some extra lessons to understand rural culture, because there are enough cultural resources in the rural communities, that can be used for creating entertainment for tourism, rather than focusing on slavery as a part of Afro-Grenadian heritage.

On the other hand, I believe that all those people who participated in the slave trade were sadists because sadists love to inflict pain on other human beings for pleasure. Sadists enjoy looking at people suffer. However, I am now trying to figure out if the members of Grenada Heritage Committee are persons who like to be entertained by looking at historical documents that show one group of people suffering under the oppression of another group in the most inhumane way. I am wondering if they lost their commonsense because they are educated.

In conclusion, I think that if the Heritage Committee members’ cannot hear the voices of people with commonsense, therefore, we must push them out peacefully. If not, as we usually say in Grenadian English, they might do some “dotish” again. Which means they might do some silly things again and say it is our national heritage they preserving.