Commentary: Yes there will be a Christmas in 2016!

Commentary: Yes there will be a Christmas in 2016!

By Jean H Charles

The good Pope Francis in the middle of the year, in the midst of so many global casualties and incidents during the year, lamented aloud whether we should have Christmas in 2016. Yet, God has promised he will no more listen to the vicissitude in the heart of man and woman, there will be no more deluge on earth. The miracle of Christmas that brought redemption to humanity was preceded by that promise that the earth will not see another calamity to the dimension of the deluge.

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As such even the good Pope Francis along with his zouialle must take comfort that Christmas is and will be always with us at the dawn of each year. Contrary to the gloomy mood on both sides of the Atlantic after Brexit in England and the election of Donald J Trump in the United States, I see light at the end of the tunnel.

I foresee the Trump phenomena in America will be few years from now compared with the challenge between Douglas and Lincoln. A quick reminder, to put my position in context, Abraham Lincoln’s final successful bid on November 6, 1860, as president of the United States was preceded by an acrimonious campaign against Senator Stephen Douglas. The leader of the Democratic Party was for slavery as a way of life for the Union, while Abraham Lincoln, the champion of the newly formed Republican Party, was defending the proposition that slavery was not compatible with the ideals of the pursuit of life and liberty of the United States.

Upon being elected, Lincoln took the United States to war to forge the Union from sea to shining sea. The operation was gruesome: some 700,000 white men lost their lives to bring humanity and dignity to the hundreds of thousands of blacks chained to the ignominy of slavery. The sacrifice of Lincoln’s death shortly at the end of the Civil War did not bring full solace to the proposition that there shall be no distinction between races in sharing the legacy of the founders. The efforts of Dr Martin Luther King and President Lyndon B Johnson 100 years later, in compensating the wrongs done to the black population, did not make enough roots to solidify the American promise of the pursuit of happiness for all.

As such after eight years of the presidency of Barack Obama, a black man as president of the United States, the nation is as divided as ever. The prevailing fear is the ascendency of Donald Trump as president will widen the schism between white and black. I am advancing the proposition that Donald Trump will make do on his promise during the election to convert 90 percent of the black population to his side in repairing the harm done during the make believe and the status quo era that shows little improvement from the years of civil rights around 1968.

Reviewing an article by James Petras titled the Axis of Logic, he submits that we have just lived through 70 years where we have observed “the worst crisis in the shortest of time in world history”, which includes: the pillage of Russia in 1990, the global economic crisis through banking and Wall Street financial swindles, brutal economic sanctions against Iran, the implementation of the destruction of Iraq, Somalia Libya and Afghanistan, with their citizens today at the gates of Europe, begging to enter to find solace from an ongoing war in their homeland.

Donald Trump is presenting himself as an avenger against the establishment to bring order to that world running at full speed to its own destruction. The Brexit referendum stamps itself in the same vein, where the citizens of Great Britain want to have a personal and national control over their own lives, against a European Union that seeks to regulate wrongly or rightly all the minutia of their communal lives.

Will there be Christmas? Yes indeed there is a trend now for the voters to say as the citizens of 1776 in the United States, the citizens of 1796 in France, or the citizens of Haiti in 1803 that we have enough of politicians posing as do-gooders and ignoring the plight of the masses. The baby in the crèche came to disrupt all the Herods, bringing in a new era of peace and prosperity for the world.

Merry Christmas to all!