Grenada playwright to visit New York

Grenada playwright to visit New York

By Caribbean News Now contributor

NEW YORK, USA — Grenada’s most famous playwright Francis Urias Peters, who studied at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts, will be in New York on Saturday, April 8, at 6:00 pm, at the Tropical Reflection Ballroom for a fifth annual Spring Gala fundraising event, where he will be sharing some of his most famous stories, engaging patrons in Grenadian riddles and parables, and of course nostalgic folk songs.

Francis Urias Peters

Grenadians in New York and the surrounding communities are proud to present their most famed playwright. He creates, he makes magic, he crafts lines, he seeks to engage. We weep with him, we laugh with him. With his artistry he frees us from the everyday for a moment, then he releases us back into our world.

He has written numerous notable plays, the funds will support local playwrights and the creation of new plays and productions.

The event will be exciting and is open to all nationalities, and people who share a love for theater… anyone wishing to attend is invited.

Peters hopes to get the Grenadian community involved and interested in supporting him to produce new material so they will be properly funded.

“I hope people will come to see the show because it will be so impressive that all of this will happen in a few hours,” Peters said.