Haitian senate condemns unlawful arrest and extradition of elected senator

Haitian senate condemns unlawful arrest and extradition of elected senator

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti — On Wednesday, 19 out of 24 Haitian senators voted in favour of a resolution strongly condemning the arrest and extradition to the United States of their colleague, the elected senator of Grand’Anse, Guy Philippe, on January 5.

Guy Philippe was “extradited” to the United States on January 5, 2017

The resolution demands the return of Philippe and all those who are illegally detained in the United States under an agreement between the two countries on 17 October 1997, HaitiLibre reported.

The senators believe that the arrest of Philippe is “unconstitutional, but also contrary to the provisions of the [1997] agreement which establishes cooperation between the two states in the fight against Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs, in maritime waters, in outer space, but not on land…”

The signatory senators consider that Philippe’s arrest constitutes “an attack on democracy, human rights and to the rule of law, which are the foundations of the mission of the United Nations, of the OAS…” and also a lack of respect “of rights to self-determination of the Haitian people.”

The Senate recommends that the governments of Haiti and the United States correct the errors contained in the 1997 Convention in order to maintain good diplomatic relations and enjoins the Haitian government to undertake without delay “all the necessary diplomatic steps” for Philippe’s immediate return to Haiti.

Senators also asked their colleagues in the lower house to impeach Camille Edouard Jr., the outgoing minister of justice in order “…that he be tried before the High Court of Justice for a crime of high treason.”

This resolution lastly obliges the senators to assist Philippe and the members of his family.