Letter: Meet the McCains

Letter: Meet the McCains

Dear Sir:

The BBC is currently painting us another beauty. Its reporting on the chemical disaster on Tuesday April 4 in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria is a thing of beauty. It is the Assad’s regime, this sanctimonious gospeller of war declares. It is Assad who dropped chemicals on the poor, the innocent, the beautiful Syrians babes and women. What an atrocity! Once more he, this demon dictator, has crossed the red line. The BBC and friends, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, have corralled global feelings on this matter into a dark inescapable cul-de-sac.


The hot gospellers of war are calling for President Donald Trump to act. He, in turn, at a press conference with the King of Jordan on Wednesday, has called the chemical disaster “an affront to humanity”. Oh, the beautiful children, he laments. He wonders aloud why “they” did it. He declares his own “flexibility”; in other words, US détente with the Syrian government which the US secretary of state implied last week, in order to prioritize the war on terrorism, might be in jeopardy.

One hour before Trump’s comments the United Nations Security Council holds an emergency debate on the matter. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, who on Monday called Assad “a war criminal”, presides. Both she and the British ambassador condemn Assad and Syria; they have no doubt in their minds that Syria is guilty. Haley points a finger at Russia, Iran; it is you, by your support of the Syrians, who encourage this kind of atrocity. She warns that the US may take unilateral action. She holds up photos of convulsed, foaming child victims.

But the UN commissioner is clear: there has been no determination on the means of delivery of the chemical attack. This means it could have been any aerial source: mortar, artillery on the ground, or aircraft. The Russians maintain that a Syrian aircraft bombardment of a terrorist/rebel ammo dump that contained chlorine and possibly the nerve gas sarin, caused the disaster.

Mounzer Mounzer, the Syrian UN deputy ambassador, is clear: “Syria also reaffirms that the Syrian Arab Army does not have any form or type of chemical weapons… We have never used them, and we will never use them.” He blames the terrorists in the rebel held town for carrying out the attacks, a subterfuge to counter the Trump detente initiative. The BBC paints another beauty. Spearheading the assault on Assad, in its characteristic voice of pathos, they disappear Mounzer Mounzer! They report as though he never spoke. They switch to “other news”.

What does the Syrian government have to gain by a chemical weapons assault at this point in the history of this savage conflict? Why would they risk throwing the Trump détente into the flames? Why would they jeopardize the future of the Syrian state? Who would stand most to gain from such an attack? The CIA and warhawks in Washington? The terrorist or rebels? Israel? Certainly not the Russians, Iran, the Syrian government. Are the Russians correct? Was it the bombing of an ammunition dump? Is this another game of erasers, to rub off a US/Coalition kill of approximately 280 civilians in Mosul last week? Even Stevens: 280 vs 78 X chemicals; let’s move on?

Enter the McCains. Mr and Miss McCain. Mr McCain has all the answers. On the day of the incident he calls Trump’s détente, his efforts to prioritize attacking terrorists over the war against Assad, “another disgraceful chapter in American history.” Referring to Trump, he declares: “I want to hear him say we’re going to arm the free Syrian army… We’re going to dedicate ourselves to the removal of Bashar al-Assad. We’re going to have the Russians pay a price for their engagement. All players here are going to have to pay a penalty and the United States of America is going to be on the side of people who fight for freedom…” Freedom is the rag soaked in vinegar which US warhawks use to singe the wounds of those they hang on crosses.

Moments after the Security Council meeting, after witnessing the diversity of views on probable causes, McCain’s daughter, author of Dirty Sexy Politics, America You Sexy Bitch, and My Dad John McCain, and a host on FOX’s Outnumbered, fetes her viewers with her rage: America should take action! No holds barred! The Syrians have crossed the red line! Assad must go! This was the refrain coined six years ago, when her father, the US, the British, the French leaders all chimed in: Assad Must Go – the day they began to arm terrorists, rebel factions, sponsor the mayhem and genocide in Syria.

John McCain is Mistah Kurtz in Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness. Unburied corpse. His daughter is a girlie oaf. She would as easily kill a nation, a people, a civilization, as lick the head off an ice-cream cone. McCain is the man who went to Vietnam to participate in genocide, got caught, and used his imprisonment to graft a political career. He regularly goes around the world plotting terror. It was he, at the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, who visited that hapless nation to stoke fire against the democratically elected government; an act which precipitated a horrendous civil war. He is sick, neurotic, diseased, paranoid, gangsterish, a carrier of a historical US pathology: a Puritanical will to nastiness and sadism.

Wayne Kublalsingh