Letter: Response to Fred Mitchell’s legal threats

Letter: Response to Fred Mitchell’s legal threats

Dear Sir:

I find it so strange that Mr Mitchell would take the time to give a supposed elaborate explanation about the funding for the community center, yet without once denying that he received $2 million from the Chinese. Well amidst the threats of legal action against me, maybe Mr Mitchell could explain to the Bahamian people where is the $23.8 million that went missing from the $25 million that was allotted to Mortgage Relief Fund.


In the same breath, could Mr Mitchell and his corrupt administration explain where is the $48 million that went missing from the Road Traffic Department or, better yet, maybe Mr Mitchell and his cronies could explain the $10 million that went missing from Social Services or, better yet, the $25 million missing from Urban Renewal or, even better, the $85 million missing from the Bahamas Agricultural Marine and Science Institute (BAMSI).

So maybe Mr Mitchell could begin his explanations with this missing $191.9 million? As I am most certain that the Bahamian people would love to hear. Nevertheless, as he is a bit monotonous and long-winded, I will pause right there, as we could deal with the Bank of The Bahamas, the Post Office, National Insurance and VAT, along with other government ministries at another time.

I asked this explanation of Mr Mitchell for he has been very compliant to my requests prior. A few weeks ago, I took pictures of the park right downstairs from his office and I told him that it should have never fallen to such a deplorable state of neglect and that I would like to have this fixed immediately, as I do have specific plans for this area. To his credit he is now working on it.

So I just figured that I could push the envelope a bit further and get some answers that the entire country would really like to hear. After all, it is highly improbable for anyone to sit as a part of a cabinet and for such large sums of monies to go missing from the public purse and the individual is clueless about it all.

In terms of legal action, I make myself very clear; under a DNA government, you and all your cronies will have much time and opportunity for explanations of the finances stolen from this country.

Ken Smith