Tensions mount during ballot validation in Haiti

Tensions mount during ballot validation in Haiti


Tensions mount during ballot validation at the Votes Tabulation Centre (CTV) in Haiti

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti — On Wednesday, the second day of verification of ballots in the November 20 presidential election in Haiti, the situation at the Votes Tabulation Centre (CTV) became increasingly tense, with tempers rising and a lack of restraint evident between the lawyers and representatives of the challengers and the Electoral Court on the one hand and the lawyers and representatives of the winning PHTK party on the other hand.

The protesting parties have multiplied their demands for verification and control, lingering on the slightest detail, interrupted by repeated objections and accusations, causing obstruction and considerable delay. So of the 360 Procès Verbaux (PV), the official voters lists, submitted by one of the losing parties, LAPEH, barely 14 were checked at 6 pm, after having started in the morning. At this rate it will take many days to check the LAPEH PVs, before starting to check more than 1,000 PVs randomly selected, while only eight days remain before the deadline for publication of the final results.

The representatives of PHTK accused the complaining parties of wanting to deliberately delay the process, while the three challenging parties maintained their position, provoking a strong, irritated reaction from the judge Jean Simon St Hubert, who has been subjected to numerous verbal attacks, including some veiled threats, notably from former Senator Yvon Feuillé, one of the representatives of Famni Lavalas. The judge was exasperated by the intransigence of another challenging party, Famni Lavalas, which was apparently unwilling to compromise, HaitiLibre reported.

As for the actual outcome of the verifications, they are totally different depending on whether one listens to the complainants or the PHTK. Thus, of the 27 PVs submitted on Tuesday by Moïse Jean-Charles of the Pitit Dessalin party, the PHTK saw only six errors while Pitit Dessalin claimed 18.