US revokes Haitian presidential candidate's visa

US revokes Haitian presidential candidate's visa


Jean-Charles Moïse

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti — Jean-Charles Moïse, the candidate for the Pitit Dessalin party, one of the three challengers to the winner Jovenel Moïse in the first round of last month’s presidential elections in Haiti, has confirmed that his US visa has been revoked by the US Embassy, and he could no longer travel to the United States.

Moïse nevertheless minimised the impact of this revocation: “As long as a man has not discovered something for which he would be ready to die, he is not able to live. Haitian people as I have always told you, a visa is a courtesy, it does not make me hot or cold … revoking the visa of Jean-Charles Moïse will not prevent the movement to continue until the end,” without, however, explaining the reasons for such revocation.

What is known is that Moïse was summoned on Wednesday to the US embassy, where he was told that his five-year visa, which had expired last November and was the subject of a renewal, had been revoked, HaitiLibre reported.

Moïse recently announced plans for a series of demonstrations in front of the American Embassy on Saturday 24 and Thursday, December 29, 2016, in protest against the publication of the preliminary results of the elections, while the American ambassador said that these elections were credible. However, there is no indication that this announcement is related to this revocation of Visa.

For its part, the US embassy in Port-au-Prince declined to give any information on the matter, explaining that the embassy never comments on a person’s visa status.